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Main Coolant Pumps For Nuclear Power Stations

Designed for circulating primary coolant at pumping temperature of max. 300C within a closed loop of VVER-1000 pressurized water reactors (used as reactor coolant pumps in the primary systems of PWR plants) at the nuclear power station having the B-320 type reactor system to remove heat from reactor core and to give it to the feed water of secondary side cycle in the steam generator.
Single stage end suction vertically suspended line-shaft diffuser centrifugal pumps in earthquake-proof construction (with separate bearing frame). A spherical pump casing is mounted with three feet resting on ball supports, thus enabling it to move horizontally within 80 mm in any direction to a ccomodate pipework thermal expansions. Use a vertical shafting consisting of a pump shaft with a mixed-flow impeller at the bottom, which is carried by a cooled medium lubricated bottom radial hydrodynamic plain bearing, and a rigidly coupled (via a spacer) intermediate shaft within the pressure-lubricated top thrust and radial hydrodynamic plain bearing. Shaft sealing: mechanical seals. An external drive motor arranged on a motor stool is connected with a gear-type coupling to the top end of the shaft. Equipped with an anti-reversing mechanism.





Rotational speed (synchr.), rpm

Power of motor, kW

Pump HTsN-195М


93 3.5